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Community in Comfort

I sat across from a friend at lunch the other day listing all the ways I was "okay" with all the hard things in my life. She quietly smiled at me and stated simply, "But it's still hard. I will grieve with you." Instantly, my cheerful words dropped onto my plate of half eaten pizza and tears filled my eyes - tears of gratitude and grief. I was safe here with this friend to allow the sadness to bubble to the surface. In a wonderful way, her simple acknowledgement of the challenges I was facing brought comfort to my hurting heart and gave me courage to keep walking in them.

This beautiful comfort my friend offered did not fix the situations I'm facing. She didn't offer advice or counsel. Nor did she slap a quick "It'll be okay" on it and move on. She did something far more profound and simple - She waded into my grief and sat down with me. My mess splashed over onto her, and she shared my burden for a time. This is true community and a refle…

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